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Let me take a moment to introduce myself, the lady behind Pet Treks.  My name is Sara.  I’m a mom and a wife and I have a pack of 3 dogs.  Occasionally I’m a foster mom to orphaned baby squirrels that we raise and release when they’re old enough.  We love animals in our house.  It wouldn’t feel like home without the fur balls rolling around and sound of nails tapping on the floor when we come through the front door.

I have loved animals since I was a child.  I always wanted to be a vet but school just wasn’t my thing.  After obtaining a degree in business and eventually settling into a career in the financial world, things were good for a few decades.  But that desire to do something with animals never left me.  So in 2022 I decided to take a chance on myself and start a dog walking / pet sitting business.  Pet Treks was born.  

My heart is happy.  My soul is filled with joy every day.  I don’t know how I got this lucky.  I wish I did it sooner.  I’m confident in my ability to care for your pet because I treat each one like they are my own.  I take pictures of your pet at each visit, not just so I can send to you to put a smile on your face, but also so I can go home and reflect on my day and annoy my husband with “look how cute this one is” as he sits on the couch trying to drink his afternoon coffee.  

I know you always have the option to hire the kid next door at a fraction of my price but here’s why Pet Treks is a better choice:


What would happen if...

Your dog had an injury and was bleeding?

Your dog experienced high anxiety while you were gone and chewed through several household items? 

Your pet was experiencing a seizure?

Your house was broken into while you were away?

Pipes broke while you were out of town and your house was flooding?

A pet passed away from old age while you were out of town?


All of these have happened to me.  I handled all of them, because that's what I'm trained to do.

You are paying for the trainings, certifications and insurance that I have taken the time to get to make sure I'm prepared for any situation I walk into and handle it with care and professionalism.;

If you're considering hiring a pet sitter or a dog walker, let’s chat! You can rest assured your pet is in good hands.

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